INK REVIEW: Montblanc Winter Glow

hello gorgeous
Now. There is some red!  That in-yo-face color that I adore!
Highlight test went (surprisingly) well.
The colors in the Compare Squares don’t really compare at all – even for a second try! Even Tiananmen from Noodler’s and not even Florentine Red from Stipula.  No, Winter Glow from Montblanc is in a class by itself.

On very close inspection, it’s has a bit of spread. Spread = not quite perfect, but not really feathering. With the naked eye, though, this just isn’t noticeable on any of the papers I’ve used with this pen/ink combination.

Speaking of the pen/ink combination, you’ll notice that I used a Montblanc Boheme for this test. That’s because the ink is in a cartridge rather than a bottle. I have a bottle, too, just wasn’t ready to open it. 
Wait, let’s be honest here, I wanted to try a MB ink in a MB pen and this is what I went with.

Suggest keeping it dry
The only bit of trouble I had was on the review paper (HP Premium Choice 32 lb.). Just a little hard starting.
The letter to Mr. P below is written on Whitelines Paper and it worked out just fine.

In closing, I’d like you to notice how kind I am to refer to the pen as his. Everyone knows all of the pens in the house (and in the cars, and in the world) belong to me.

The End 🙂

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