INK REVIEW: Diamine – Syrah

Still recovering from the holidays here and wrapping up a few pre-scheduled reviews before diving into new and exciting things!

Syrah from Diamine is a berry nice shade. Kinda red-purple. Deep plum. And by now, everyone knows how I feel about “mixed shades” of ink. I’m not a huge fan.

Here’s the ugly. Major fail. (Those of you who watch “How I Met Your Mother” may now salute. Those of you who have no clue about which I speak may also salute. Major Fail – get it?)  Anyway, major fail = water test. Even the tiny droplet test (where the “ro” in “from” should be) faded this color into nothingness.

I used a dip pen and Syrah performed well enough. No big complaints, but no big compliments either.

Look at that compare square?  I do think if the writer is looking for something dark, but different, this could work (as long as one never nears the water).

It was a little wet as you can see in the Smear Here – but not intolerable.

Overall, I’d give Syrah from Diamine a good solid C. It would work, but I’m not in love. In looking at other reviews after I wrote this one – this is a popular ink. People love it and its color. Consider me the dissenting reviewer.
Such a contrarian.
What do you think? Love it?

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