INK REVIEW: Private Reserve – Gray Flannel

First impression?  It’s a little…green. We all know from other posts that I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to my ink colors. Not meaning that I only like blues and blacks – meaning that I like to look at a color and be able to say, “That’s gray!” (or, “That’s grey!” depending on from where you are in the world.) So..that’s definitely a strike against Gray Flannel from Private Reserve for me. A big strike, but let’s look at it more closely . . .
It passes the water test. I put a droplet of water where I’ve written “from” and that seems to have survived quite well. Where “Water Test” is written, I dragged a water-soaked Q-Tip. So. Yeah – not bad.

How does it write?

It’s fine. It really is, but I cannot get past that color. Look at how it compares to the J Herbin Gris Nuage. Nuage is a bit on the blue side, but the side-by-side comparison really shows who green the Gray Flannel is.

But..I digress…it writes well. Great flow, no smearing. I’ve been loving broad nib pens lately, but this performed really well in my vintage Parker (not sure of the model) with a fine nib.

So…it’s probably easy to see that I’m not all wound up excited about this ink. I’m not. With so many shades of green gray out there, I’m going to keep looking for the ones I swoon over.

I’ve asked before – but what are your thoughts about color? Purist like I am? Or mix-n-match is ok with you?

2 thoughts on “INK REVIEW: Private Reserve – Gray Flannel

  1. Hi Christine, thanks for your ink reviews. They are always useful.

    I like the Grey Flannel; I've nearly bought a bottle a couple of times, now. Must do it. In fact I think I like mixed colours better than the “plain vanilla” colours.

  2. Thank you commenting, Anonymous – I really appreciate that you took the time. Gray Flannel is really nice – so well-behaved for me. My only issue is the greenish tinge, but that's purely a matter of taste!

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