Jeff and I went to the SF Pen Show over the weekend. We came away with two great pens and a review of the show itself.  Lonnnnnng post.

First, this Pelikan M320 in Ruby…

It was the depth of color (deep red) and somewhat translucent cap and body that called me to this pen. Pretty, yes?
The first vendor who had this pen told me it was never officially in production – that his friend bought all they had, and he bought a few from that friend.
Then I walked around a bit more and spotted the same pen at another vendor, and another. And I know pen people get around, so anything is possible. 
But then I got home, found the pen on eBay, and then on Amazon. I believe it’s a special edition – everyone says it is – but I don’t believe there’s only a few of them out in the world. Annnd, I don’t really care – I buy pens because I love they way they look, they way they feel in my hand, and the way they write.
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It measures just around 4″
14k nib
And..surprise!..it’s piston fill.

It came with choice of fine or medium nib. I usually like broader nibs, but this pen has such a delicate feel to it, that I went with the fine this time.

I’ve not inked it yet, but I’ll report back when I do.

Paid $225 – seems like a decent deal.

And Jeff…he found this for himself….

Wait, no, that’s just the case that the vendor gave Jeff out of the goodness of his heart. The case is well-made, super-duper-soft, and I’m going to enjoy “borrowing” it from Jeff – on a permanent basis – haha!
Hello, beautiful….
Oh yes, I’m talkin’ to you….

Mont Blanc Boheme Noir. Medium Nib.
(with my reflection in the cap..nice)
This pretty little thing also measures around 4″ long.
Cartridge only.
The rings are platinum-plated.
Nib is rhodium + 14k
We paid $300 for this one – a great deal for a gently used (one tiny scuff mark on the barrel) Mont Blanc that Jeff has been pining after.

We feel really really good about what we came away with, but there were a couple that we were swooning over and didn’t get – isn’t that always the way?

Pelikan Northern Lights

Taccia Nightlife (in NYC Blue, please)

The show itself was good and fun.  We went on Friday and followed my usual routine..

..walk around the entire show to find what I love most and talk with vendors
..take a break, really think about what I want most
..head back to (hopefully) get everything from one vendor and make a fantastic deal

Things were not laid out well. There were multiple rooms – some of which were really really crowded even that early in the show. (Multiple rooms is nice, but things were just crazy-tight in a couple.) One of the largest rooms was around the corner from the others – when we walked in, the people at the first table said, “Thank You for finding us!”

I didn’t see anyone selling ink. And I really looked. We all know how much I love me some ink.

Everyone had used vintage Parkers. In fact, there were a lot more vendors selling used vintage items than there were selling new.

The Stipula dude was there. I always swoon for their designs.

Swann was there with some of their auction pens in a case. Jeff nearly got his hand slapped (not really) for reaching into the case and touching a vintage Mont Blanc.

Jimmy from Atlanta was there. I love him. He never remembers me. Bummer. (He doesn’t have the best prices – if pricing is important to you, research to avoid being charmed by his southern ways.)

The Bittners were there. They tried (unsuccessfully) to sell me the Omas Emotica Fountain Pen last year and tried again this year, too.

I hope the show is near SFO every year, but that’s only because it’s easier for me.

I think the organizers would do better charging a little more for tables and offering admission for much less (or free) to get more buyers into the show. Fifteen dollars isn’t a lot – but it could make the difference for someone thinking about attending, yes? Or maybe I’m wrong and the show would get too crowded and no one would buy?  Or maybe the vendors wouldn’t like higher table fees. What do I know.

Overall, it was good. The LA Pen Show is in February. Going to try to make it down there for that!

Your turn – what did you get? Did you love the show?

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  1. This was probably my second show ever – I'm not as frequent a visitor as Christine! It was good fun, but I do wish there had been more new pens and fewer vintage!

    Can't wait to guest post about my new pen!

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