The Jinhao 159 is a Chinese-made pen that is available from a variety of sources at pretty incredible prices. I tossed one in my Goulet Pens cart earlier this year as an impulse purchase. Let’s dive in . . .

The Jinhao 159 is BIG. Big, shiny, and big.

The body is painted metal. The trim is chrome. The nib is steel. It weighs a whopping 50g. The Lamy Al-Star weighs in at 22g. Did I mentioned the Jinhao 159 is big?

I didn’t have high expectations.

I was pleasantly surprised.


It started right up and wrote like a champ. The nib is smooth with no scratchiness and just a bit of pleasant feedback. The cap posts deep and securely.

Given the Jinhao’s heft, it’s not an every day pen for me. Someone with larger hands, however, could enjoy it on the regular.

The Jinhao 150 comes with a converter and will also accept standard international cartridges.

If bright orange isn’t your thing, this pen comes in a multitude of other colors at Goulet Pens.

I bought and paid for this pen with my own hard-earned pennies – though even if I hadn’t, I’d still give you my honest opinions. 

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