FOUNTAIN PEN REVIEW: Franklin Christoph Model 20 – Marietta


I have a bunnnnch of pens that I’ve been meaning to review here. The Franklin-Christoph Model 20 Marietta is one of those pens.

Franklin-Christoph is a brand that I respect. They truly stand behind the products they sell and they offer amazing customer service. I own a few of their pens and several pen cases. I’m definitely a satisfied customer.

Let’s have a look at the Model 20 . . .IMG_3763.JPG

Such a simple and sleek design. The cap slips onto the body of the pen and posts nicely when writing.IMG_3762.JPG

Oh, and I had mine sent with a music nib . . .IMG_3764.JPG IMG_3765.JPG IMG_3766.JPG

But how does it write . . . IMG_3768.JPG

Like, OMG, that’s how it writes. I knew I wanted to use an ink known for shading and chose Noodler’s Habanero. IMG_3760.JPG

A closer look . . .IMG_3773.JPG IMG_3770.JPG

I’m not sure how practical this nib is. It’s so wide that my writing needs to be quite large for it to be legible. I’ve also noticed that unless I’m holding the pen just right, I end up with the the “streaks” that are visible below in the words “dude” (haha) and “the.” This is probably an issue specific to me – I notice that I tend to write more on an edge of a nib rather than on the direct center (is it just me?).IMG_3771.JPG IMG_3769.JPG

I also found that I was squeezing the heck out of the pen and perhaps pressing harder than I normally would. I lightened my grip and tried again . . .IMG_3772.JPGA light touch is definitely all that is needed.

Final Words:  I’m really into this pen. I’d like to review it again with a “normal” nib at some point. The Model 20 writes wonderfully and looks great. It would be terrific in a professional setting with a different nib. Visit Franklin-Christoph for pricing and technical specs.


2 thoughts on “FOUNTAIN PEN REVIEW: Franklin Christoph Model 20 – Marietta

  1. Thank you for this great review. Beautiful shading of the ink the music nib.
    I have one with a medium nib and it is a great writer. I use the pen at work a lot because of the pull cap and it just works.

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