2 thoughts on “INK SWAB: 122/365 – Pilot Iroshizuku Tsutsuji

  1. Aahhhhh it’s one of my FAVOURITE INKS EVARRRR. I saw on IG that someone said the sheen makes it visible on BLACK PAPER!!! *__*

    I have a fresh fill of it in my semi-flex Platinum Cool. I’ll have to do some testing to that effect!

    Seriously in my top 10 fave inks (almost definitely top 5 but I haven’t tried all the inks out there yet so I don’t want to limit myself. ^_^ ) It’s bright but deep (saturated) and complex (unusual for a pink) and just a great colour all around. Much blue-r (or more of a pure CMYK magenta) than Kosumosu which leans towards salmon/yellow end of things. Plus did I mention the golden green sheen?

    TL;DR: it’s LOVELY TRY IT!! And sheeny. ^_^

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