INK REVIEW: Diamine Autumn Oak

Hello, Autumn Oak!
I’d been hearing good things about Autumn Oak from Diamine. Seeing is definitely believing!
With its name, I assumed the ink would be some shade of brown and not very exciting. So glad I finally decided to check it out.
Insane shading.  Writes great.  No ghosting or bleeding. Acceptable dry times. No water resistance. Not incredibly saturated, but definitely not watery.
Here’s the full review . . . 
And a link to the original file (it’s huge).
I mentioned in the handwritten review that Autumn Oak seems to be comparable to other orange inks.  The color reminds of Pelikan Edelstein Amber – though Autumn Oak definitely has more shading.
I wrote in the review, “I like it!” Based on my usage of it over the last few days, I’m going to revise that to . . . I love it!  There are definitely many orange fountain pen inks out there, but this one is definitely unique in terms of color and shading and it writes great.
Ooh – bonus images – I’ve been practicing my splash techniques.  Getting better!
Alrighty, your turn.  What do you think of Diamine Autumn Oak? Do you have an orange ink that you love love love? 

2 thoughts on “INK REVIEW: Diamine Autumn Oak

  1. This is one of my favorite inks! I currently have it inked in my Concklin Duragraph stub nib (Amber edition – and so fitting!). It is a gorgeous. I think I did a review on it recently too! Beautiful ink! I first had it in my Edison Autumn Harvest edition pen (fine point) and it wrote great. I was afraid this ink would be too dry… but it is perfect. It is not as wet as I usually like inks, but it is perfect! I will be ordering a bottle of this in the future 🙂

  2. I love this color. It's going to be permanently inked in my Edison Autumn Harvest pen. It's such a gorgeous shade of orange and that shading is just stunning. Definitely one of my favorite inks!

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