PEN REVIEW: Pilot Parallel 6mm

I’m just going to blurt it out: I love this pen.

Let’s dive in . . .

I have two Pilot Parallel Pens – around ten bucks each, yo. I opened and played with both, but only inked the blue 6mm version.

Above: The pen comes with two Pilot proprietary ink cartridges (one red, one black) and a converter. These inks are mixable. I don’t get into it here, but Rachel Goulet has a terrific video that you should watch.

Converter? For cleaning the pen unit? Huh? What the heck? While I don’t know yet if it will help with cleaning, I am sure that the converter cannot be used for ink. The seal is not nearly sufficient to keep ink in the converter. Strongly suggest not trying it, but please take pictures if you decide to go for it – I love a beautiful mess.

My understanding is that the Pilot CON-50 converter will work with this pen. I plan to find out. Because, really, imagine big fat shaded or sheen line? Oooh…or maybe Diamine Flamingo Pink?

The Pilot Parallel also comes with a handy Nib Cleaner (it’s a piece of film that slips between the plates of the nib) and a somewhat informative instruction sheet.
I love this picture – the reflection of my yard, my fingerprint – what’s not to love. 

The Parallel is available in four different sizes. The different sizes have different colored caps. They are:

  • Blue                        6 mm
  • Green                   3.8 mm
  • Yellow                  2.4 mm
  • Red/Orange          1.5 mm
The size of the nib is clearly marked in a couple of places . . . .
The nib is made up of two plates that are parallel to one another. 
Get it? Parallel.

But how’s it write?

I love it! 
I was worried that the writing would be too wet – it’s not. The flow is terrific and on good paper, there was no bleeding.  After playing with it a bunch initially, I find that I’m using it for a few things:
  • separating topics/sections on a page 
  • crossing items off of my to do list
  • writing short (very short) love notes to Mr. Pentulant
It’s a fun pen. For regular use, I might change the ink to a bright yellow and use it a highlighter. Fun, yes?
Downsides . . . 
  • the pen cannot be posted – come on, pen manufacturers, help a girl out
  • doesn’t come with a converter that can be used for ink – arrrgh.
Highly recommended!  
One of my Pilot Parallel pens came from Goulet Pens. The other came from Jet Pens. Goulet’s price is less. Bought and paid for with my own pennies out of own piggy bank. 

Have you tried one of these? Do you love it?

10 thoughts on “PEN REVIEW: Pilot Parallel 6mm

  1. I have always been using the stock convertor and there's never any trouble. You just have to insert it really very hard to squeeze it in the right place, because it's very tight.

  2. I will definitely need to add the set of these to my Christmas list when that time comes around… I hope you will review the smaller one as well, because 6 mm seems a bit big for any writing I would ever do. 😛

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