INK REVIEW: Franklin-Christoph Black Magic

I have, love, and use Franklin-Christoph items. Huge fan here.

Black Magic ink from Franklin-Christoph, though? It has some amazing qualities, but I am not a fan.

Let me explain . . .

The above image sums it up nicely. Black Magic reminds me of writing with a felt-tip marker. The pen (a Lamy Safari with medium ink) would barely touch the paper and just like (black) magic, I’d have a tremendous spot of ink. If I paused even for a nanosecond, another huge spot of ink. 
On to the amazing qualities . . .
Black magic is crazy black. It’s incredibly saturated. Black inks aren’t my favorite, but if I’m using black, it better be black

And then there’s this . . . 

Black Magic don’t smear.  (You can quote me on that.)  It seriously, seriously, seriously doesn’t (Does. Not.) smear. I couldn’t get it to smear even when I tried.

Before writing with it for a few days, I mostly liked the ink.  However, after i few days on regular writing on a variety of paper brands/types, I was worn out from all of the bleeding and washed that ink right out of my pen.
I could see loving this ink. An extra fine nib or a pen with a super-stingy feed to control the flow combined with the right paper and it could be a perfect black.  I’m just way too busy to spend time with such a fussy ink when there are so many inks that work well, you know?

What is your favorite black?  I’m still loving Noodler’s Black.

5 thoughts on “INK REVIEW: Franklin-Christoph Black Magic

  1. My favorite ink is Noodler's Heart of Darkness because that's the only one I have. But I heard great things about Noodler's Black. Apparently it's even darker than HOD. I'll get a bottle of that once my HOD is done.

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