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I hadn’t heard of Toucan inks before I saw the news of a group buy over on FPN, but I was definitely intrigued.  Ink in a bag instead of a bottle? Say what?

First, I’ll apologize for the quality of some of these images – not my best work. Maybe my hands were shaking with excitement 😉

I ordered 16 different ink colors, 30 ml each, for a grand total of around $52 + $13 for shipping. The inks came from Australia and the seller was offering to ship the bulk order to a member of FPN who would then split the orders and ship from her home (that was the $13 part). Minimalist packaging for the win!

The whole thing could not have gone more beautifully from my perspective. My inks arrived sealed (from the seller) in a big bag. Each individual ink had tape placed around the screw top and was in it own individual baggy.  I have no drips, spills, or other damages to report.

I have no idea what the kind of seal below is called, but it was a “break-the-seal” deal to open.

I was definitely a little nervous to start pouring into the bottle.  (This is an empty Noodler’s 30ml bottle.)

Someone on Instagram said that milk and wine come packaged like this in Canada.  I’m thinking I need to travel more.

Not a single drop spilled! Yaay!

I’ve been asked a good number of questions about these bags . . .

…The opening is too small to dip a pen – and even if it wasn’t, you’d have to be mighty brave to try it
…I think it would be possible to draw the ink out with a syringe or pipette if you’re super-careful
…The cap can be placed back on the bag – I have no idea how well it seals
…I’d buy like this all.the.time – the savings on shipping and packaging make it an easy decision for me
…the group buy is over, but you can find these inks from JustWrite in Australia

I’ll be back with reviews of some of the inks soon!

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  1. That works out to 4.06 per pouch. That's one heck of a buy! How come I missed that train? I can't wait for the reviews.


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