ACCESSORIES: Here a Swab, There a Swab

I’m obsessed with fountain pen inks (collect them all!) and make swabs of all of the samples I have on these cards. It’s a good solution, but it’s not perfect – the cards are cream-colored and textured rather than white and smooth; I was finding it impossible to sort through them all and figure out which inks I had in full bottles, too.

I found this nifty item at Maido in San Francisco.  (If you only have time to go to one of the Maido stores, head to Japantown. The one in the San Francisco Center Mall is good, but not as many fun Japanese items and the prices seem higher – not sure if they actually are, but that’s the way it seemed.)

Perfect solution! 

Here’s a link to the full-size image of the item with the product information intact. However, this really is just a business card holder – I’m sure any office supply store would be able to help you out with one of those.  Then you’ll just need to find business card size paper (Maido has that, too), and you’ll be all set.

Have fun!

One thought on “ACCESSORIES: Here a Swab, There a Swab

  1. Great idea! I've been using an index card type system but leaving them loose so I can compare any two inks side by side. But then ask me how many times I've actually done that! Thanks for the idea

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