I was in Staples last week and there was a beautiful display of Poppin products. I’d never heard of this brand and decided to pick up a few items.

Today, I’m taking a closer look at the small notebook. Here are some specs for you . . .

  • 192 pages
  • 3.5″ x 5.5″
  • Lined paper
  • Elastic band closure
  • Ribbon marker
  • Pocket in back
  • $6 at Staples
Let’s take a closer look . . . 
As advertised, the cover is soft. It’s vinyl. It’s stinky. Not a good start, I’m afraid. Almost reminds me of my gran’s tablecloth from the 70s. (Yes, I’m old.)
This was a bit of a surprise – a happy surprise for me, but I imagine it wouldn’t be so happy for everyone – the paper isn’t simply lined as indicated on the outside labeling – it’s set up in a bit of a journal entry / checklist style. I’m loving this . . . 
And..surprise!…there’s a thin ribbon marker. (The book doesn’t lay flat – it’s being held open so I could get the picture.)
A not-so-good picture, but it does have a pocket in the back – much like Moleskin.
But the important question – how is the paper? The book is quite thin for 192 pages, but the paper feels silky smooth. Cautiously optimistic is how I was feeling.
(Oh..the paper is bright white – these last few pictures were taken later in the day and I’m not a photographer.)
Not bad!  Very little feathering. 
Lots and lots of show-through / ghosting. I personally have an issue with that, but know that many people don’t mind some show-through.
Final Thoughts
At just six bucks, there are some pretty sweet things about this notebook. Features like the pocket, elastic band, and ribbon marker make the product seem like a quality item. However, all of that is discounted by the super tacky and stinky vinyl cover. 
I have a zillion notebooks and can’t imagine that this one will work its way to the front of the line anytime soon.
Have you tried any of the Poppin items? With Moleskin paper being criticized so much lately, have you found a suitable replacement?


  1. Hmm, interesting. Thanks for the great review! I had a similar experience this past weekend – found what looked like great notebooks for a steal, but the paper feathered like crazy. *sigh*

  2. Thanks for stopping in, Amanda.

    That's so frustrating – because then you (or at least I) have a stack of “questionable” notebooks. I try to check out reviews first on FPN, but sometimes get caught up in the shopping 😉

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