I hope everyone had a happy Easter.  I was off to New York for a few days – had a great time. I wasn’t blogging during my time away, but I was definitely posting over on Instagram.

Today, we’re taking a look at Poppin Gel Pens. You may remember that just before Easter, I reviewed their Cahier Journal.

These gel pens are definitely pretty, pretty . . .

Average in size.

Some of the colors are pretty terrific . . .

Poppin, even.  (ha.)

But . . .

There are some issues . . .
– some of the pens have a terrible squeaky sound to them when they write – I’ve never heard this sound coming from a pen – crazy
– some of the pens just wouldn’t write – even after lots of scribbling
– the grip isn’t really a grip – it’s more of a steep drop off and it hurts to hold for any length of time

Bottom Line:

Even though some of the colors are wonderful (look at the purple! the orange! that green!), these gel pens from Poppin are not keepers. I could probably live with the squeak and even with the terrible grip – but the flow issues?  No. That’s a deal breaker.

The real shame is that this is the second Poppin product that caught my eye and then didn’t live up to expectations. It’s too bad because the items look great.

Third time’s the charm? Stay tuned!

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