De Atramentis Antique Pink

I’m not the biggest fan of pink inks. I found one that I love (Diamine Flamingo Pink), but otherwise, they are mostly a curiosity for me.

When I think of Antique Pink, the color that comes to mind is perhaps something like a ballet slipper pink. When De Atramentis thinks of Antique Pink, they think of something that is a bit more purple than I’d expect…

De Atramentis Antique Pink Writing Sample

With that out of the way, this ink is nice. It’s ok. It writes well in the pen, looks good on the paper. There is no bleeding or feathering. Smear times are decent. (I used a Rhodia Dot Pad for this review.)

If you’re looking for a pink fountain pen ink that leans a bit toward the purple, this color could be the one for you.

There is even some shading – always nice.  (I was using the Pilot Falcon for this review – the pen flexes a bit and that could account for some of the shading here, but there is potential.)

So…here’s my bottom line:  it’s ok.

 Pink inks – love ’em or hate ’em?

What are you writing with this week?


  1. Reading this on my phone it doesn't look overly purple! I've been on the hunt for a great pink, too. It's so hard to tell how they will shake out in reality! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Whoa. That is definitely not what I would call antique pink either – I would think of something more like Noodler's BSiAR or BSiER for that name… Great review!

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