INK REVIEW: Diamine Flamingo Pink (Second Look)

Diamine Flamingo Pink


This is my second look at Diamine Flamingo Pink.  Here’s my first test run of this fabulous color.


Go buy this ink.

Flamingo Pink Ink Swabs (3, 2, 1)

I really didn’t think I’d ever buy a pink ink. I mean, seriously? Pink?

But how could I resist this perfect color? It’s bright! Bold! OMG! Serious color.  Seriously serious color.

And do you see it?  That pink-to-orange shading?  It may be glowing a bit in my scans, but the color is there – it’s an orange-ish pink. And it is…wow. I’m swooning over here.

Handwritten Review of Diamine Flamingo Pink
Can you spot the write-o?

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