Time for this week’s Quick Look Wednesday!

I like all of these inks for different reasons.

De Atramentis Indigo Blue – a straight-forward blue that could be used in any setting

Diamine Eau de Nil – (does this mean River Water?) a bit of green, but not quite enough to call it turquoise

Private Reserve Ebony Blue – maybe my least favorite because it looks more like a green-black in my swabs. Have any of you tried writing with this one?

Noodler’s Ottman Azure – boom! Pure blue saturation with this one.

So, yeah, each of these are so different from the others and I like them all.  Which is your pick?

2 thoughts on “QUICK LOOK WEDNESDAY: Four Fab Blues

  1. Hi Pamela..thank you for stopping by! I'm going to give that Ebony Blue a try in a pen (rather than just swabs) very soon. Will post about it! In general, I love Private Reserve inks.

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