PEN REVIEW: Mystery Pilot Pen

You know how it is.

You order a pen that looks like a ton of fun.

You take it out of its packaging. Toss it (the packaging, not the pen) and any paperwork over your shoulder and into the recycling bin. This pen is meant for using and loving, not collecting.

You even take some pretty nice photographs of the pen.

Weeks – or maybe even months – later, you realize that you’ve never inked it.  By now, you can’t remember the model name. And that paperwork is long lonnnng gone.

Ink it up anyway. Write a review.  (You like the pen, but it’s not love. Stub may not be the best option for you.)

You do a little research on the pen and still can’t figure it out.

Oh…wait…that’s just me, hm?

So…help a slightly embarrassed girl out?  Which Pilot is this?

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