The Fine Point

Written with Namiki Falcon Soft Fine Nib + Noodler’s Habanero Ink
Hello, Friday, where have you been all week?
The image above and the few below were all posted by me on Instagram. Lots of fun there. Lots.
This pen/ink combination was popular with me this week!
Very popular! 

Highly recommended. I had more than my fair share – just ask Mr. P.

 Seriously, that flexy pen + habanero ink is pushing all of my other pens out of the way this week. It’s crazy.

Anyway, each week, I’m bringing you some bonus photos and links to things I’ve been checking out online.

Here we go….

But I’ll pass, too. Thank you anyway!

I need a wet noodle. Right now.

The White House Calligraphers earn a bunch of money.I’m not feeling political about it, but I really think we need to keep them on board.What do you think?
Will this change your mind?
That’s it for this week! Where have you been hanging out?

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