INK REVIEW: Diamine Flamingo Pink


Other than Pilot Iroshizuku’s Momiji (which I did not love even though others seem to wild about it), I’ve not tried any pink inks.
I’m not sure I need to try any other pinks. This may be it. This might be (dare I say?) love. 
See it even bigger.
I used this ink for a week and totally loved it. Fun, bold, happy times. Yeah, there’s not much of a practical use for it – you’re not going to sign important legal documents with it – but so what. Use it for your grocery list, leave a note for your honey, embrace the pink!
Diamine’s Flamingo Pink is gorgeous! The name 100% fits the ink (and you know how much I love that!). It writes great, too – smears a little and isn’t perfect in a water test – but there are much more boring colors that do this, too.
Hello Spring! Welcome back! 
I love you!

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