PEN REVIEW: Noodler’s Nib Creaper Flex Pen

Made by Noodler’s (love his inks!), I was excited about getting this gem in the mail from Goulet Pens.

So excited that I ripped into the box, tossed it and the packaging over my shoulder without reading any of it, and inked this bad girl up.

This was quite some time ago. And I didn’t love it. The pen (as I remember) felt scratchy and decidedly inflexible.
Last week, I saw this video from Brian Goulet. 
“Nib and feed are friction fit.”   Ohhhhhhh.
“Further in the nib is pushed, the less flex you’ll have.” Yes, yes, that makes sense!
“The feed, the further in it’s pushed, the less…”
“The closer the feed to the tip of the nib, the more….”
At around 7:42, Brian says that he’s tried to film his video multiple times and each time, it’s done something different. He’s a trooper!
I am not.
I know some people love the fiddle-factor of fountain pens. I’m not one of those people. I’m a grab and go girl (don’t be gross). 
I got zero flex from this pen. I’m sure it’s me.  Look at the reviews over at Goulet’s. People love these things.
So. I’m not going to post a writing sample – I realize that the biggest with this pen is user error on my part. 
You know what I’m going to do? Hahaa – I’m going to ask Mr. P if he would like to watch that video and give it a go. He’s probably geeky enough to want to try. Once he has it going, I’ll steal the (filled) pen back from him and post a sample.
OK….chime in. Fiddler? or Grabber? Which are you? (Don’t be gross.)

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