INK REVIEW: Pilot Iroshizuku – Fuyu Syogun

Wrapping up a couple of reviews before we move on to the new form…

Another sweet shade of gray from Pilot Iroshizuku – Fuyu-syogun does not disappoint!  I’m usually a purist when it comes to colors – I don’t dig muted shades, for example, give me a real, full color! But this gray (grey?) with a touch of blue is jussssst right.

I’ll spare you suspense. I’m totally ordering a bottle of this. It’s available most everywhere for $28 per bottle. Kind of expensive, right? But it’s such a joy to write with. Some of this must be the pen – I’m a sucker for a broad nib – and you know that I love me some Lamy Safari – but still. I’m swooning over here.

Not too wet. Didn’t seem too dry either.

Really. Look at this shading? And there’s not much feathering – even on this mid-quality paper.
 And .. my (limited) understanding is that this ink is also known as Old Man Winter. How cool is that?

And! The news just keeps getting better. Look at that water test. What water test, you ask? Exactly!  (Actually, look in “from,” that’s the droplet test area and you can see just a bit of fading.)

I’ll stop blathering on so you can see what others are saying…
There aren’t a lot of people talking about this one. Have you tried it?

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