INK REVIEW: Pelikan Edelstein – Onyx

Nice!  This ink had great flow from the pen. It was such a pleasure to write with. I wonder how much of that was the pen? (Watch for more on this topic in a future post.)
I little smearing, but I work around that fairly well – even for a lefty.
Nice color. Not as “solid” as some.
But here’s the issue. The major stinkin’ issue …
The way I look at water tests – I don’t expect all of my inks to do well when they meet water. I know they won’t. But . . . I do expect better performance from an average black – probably becuase I know it’s possible to make black with great stability.
I’m so glad I only bought the sample of this ink and not the full-size bottle.  Bummer.
Do you have rules like my black-must-do-well-with-water rule?

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