INK REVIEW: Private Reserve – Invincible Black

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Invincible Black from Private Reserve is an interesting ink!  The difference between it and other ink samples in my collection was noticeable right from the start. Rather than the ink settling in the bottom of the vial, it clung to the sides.  (Think…the difference between a bottle of Coke and a bottle of ketchup – not that the ink is thick like ketchup!’s not, but it hung like that to the sides of the vial.)
Anyway, I knew right away that I had something interesting on my hands.  And just look at the swab – that is some crazy black. Opaque.  (That streak down the left side of the scan was something from my scanner, not from the ink.) Anyway – opaque – I almost want to say chalky, but that’s not exactly right. Keep reading . . . 
passes the water test!

I inked this up in my white Pilot Vanishing Point (fine nib) and when I sloshed ink all over the place (don’t ask), I was definitely nervous that it was going to be a nightmare to clean, but it wasn’t. (Big Sigh of Relief!)
Does the swab in my review form below look chalky to you? I think it’s because the ink was definitely thicker than others I’ve experienced. Not in a bad way – just different. And!!!…I could actually feel the ink on the surface of the paper. St-range! But in a cool way.
thick & hearty?

It feathers. Quite a bit.  Look at these from the Hammermill paper (same paper I’ve used in my other reviews of other inks):

And so I decided to test it on other paper – Rhodia . . .

…and it definitely feathered less. Somewhat less, anyway.
Is it strange that I seem to write above the line rather than right on it?

So. I was worried about Invincible Black – just the name alone had me a little worried. It’s cling-factor freaked my freak. Should have seen my face when I flung some of the ink across the table. Yikes.
But..I think I like it.  Probably not enough to buy a bottle? Maybe. I’ll try it again with a different pen and other paper (thinking Lamy and Clairfontaine). We’ll see.
After I wrote this review, I researched it a bit. Here’s a link to a thread on Fountain Pen Network – where there are some differing opinions. And here’s a link to it on Goulet Pens – again, opinions vary.
Have you tried Invincible Black? What is your “go to” black? 

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