Ms. Sammy
aka The Destroyer!

Let me introduce you to Sammy.  She’s one of our three dogs. Yes, three. Yes, we’re insane.

We’d left her alone for just a few short minutes. Jeff heard sounds from the living room and went to investigate.

I heard, “Oh no. Sammy, what did you doooooooo?”

Apparently, she climbed up on the sofa (bad girl!) and grabbed this sample vial of ink the end table (bad girl!) and then decided to investigate (baaaaad girl!).  (It’s Pilot Iroshizuku in Momiji – not my favorite color, but still.)

She’s lucky she’s so cute, hm?

Today is Fountain Pen Day! I’m writing with my vintage Montblanc 149 and a several other pens. The MB was a gift from Jeff’s uncle. So nice!

Are you celebrating Fountain Pen Day? What are your plans for the weekend?

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