INK REVIEW: Pelikan Edelstein – Topaz

Aggggh…let’s start with the ugly, shall we?  The water test for Topaz from Pelikan Edelstein did not go well. But, dude, that color. That color!

Moving past the water test – I looooove the bright saturated nature of this ink. Look at how it compares to Pilot Iroshizuku’s Syo ro in the Compare Square. BIF! Bam! Boom! That’s what I need: COLOR!

Topaz almost passes the smear test – just a little wet – when not near water, that is.

You know what else I love about this ink? The name of the ink perfectly matches the color. Topaz!

Oh. So. Pretty.

Whereas so many other inks seem a bit flat, Topaz has a certain glossiness, a beautiful sheen that lasts well after the ink has dried.

As always, click to enlarge images

Check out a close-up of the color . . .

Tiny bit feathering only visible with some magnification (at least to my old eyes). Minimal shading.

This one is a winner in my big book of inks!

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I’m getting it!

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