QUICK REVIEW: Marking Pencil

The Listo Marking Pencil. Adverstised as WRITES ON EVERYTHING.

Look how dusty the packaging is. I bought it like this. Must not be much call for Listo Marking Pencils. (I wonder, is this the same thing as a “grease pencil”?)

Completely Mechanical. What does that even mean?

With refills available in seven different colors. I don’t remember seeing these in the store. Again, more dust and grime on the back of the package.

Twisty action.

Grippy part is a bit too low on the pencil.

Removable clippy part.

After turning and turning and turning and turning the twisty part at the top, the “lead” finally emerged.

While you can’t see it here, it looked a bit . . . crumbly. I wonder if this is from sitting on the shelf forever?

My plan was to run around the house, write on EVERYTHING, and take pictures to show you, but then I realized – I don’t know how (if)  it would clean up and while I’m pentulant, even I am not that brave!

So. I twisted it back up without writing on a single thing!  Wimp!

I’ll pull it out again sometime in the future and write on some things with it. In the meantime, what do you know about these? Anything?

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